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Our Services

Contingency Fee Contracts

We provide recruiting services for permanent and contract placements at no cost to you until the day our candidate accepts your position. Profluence Recruitment represents a top pool of candidates, using techniques to find who is currently searching or may be searching in the near future. Our contingency contracts are reserved for Full-time Permanent Placements. With all of our contract arrangements, we are expeditious in delivering on the promise

Retained Search Agreements 

The company pays Profluence a fee for this service usually based on a percentage of the candidates' annual compensation. We are retained for the  purpose of conducting searches, screening candidates and recommending candidates to the hiring authority. Your organization makes a hiring decision after interviewing all top candidates.This arrangement will reduce the tedious work of recruiting, so you can focus on your day-to-day HR operations. This is an exclusive arrangement where no other firm will be conducting this search. We work very closely with your in-house HR team to reduce any confusion and to make sure we are aligned with the needs of the organization and hiring managers.

Consulting Contracts 

Much like temporary contract work, many technical positions need to bring in a team for a specific project. IT, healthcare  and engineering are the most common positions in this area of service. These contractors are usually highly skilled professionals. Terms can vary with specific project objectives. Contract consultants are paid through our 'back office' partners and are W2 employees. Contractors have excellent benefit packages including; medical, dental, vision, life insurance and 401(K). This is especially helpful in attracting top talent and if you are staffing up for a particular project temporarily, but not able to commit to permanent placement. Bill rates are negotiable depending on the assignment and duration. Conversion to permanent positions are an additional consideration.

Profluence Makes Local and National Placements

Unfilled positions can cost a company a lot of money in reduced productivity over a period of time and  resources and time are wasted if you have a poor hire.